Citadels Revised Edition

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The Kingdom is in need of a new Master Builder, and you are among those vying for the prestigious post. Recruit local citizens and use their unique expertise to outwit your rivals. Only the most majestic metropolis will earn its creator the coveted title of Master Builder!

This revised edition of Citadels retains the signature bluffing and intrigue of Bruno Faidutti’s celebrated classic, condensing all the published content into a travel-friendly version at an unbeatable price. A game of intrigue awaits!

  • 2-8 players | Ages 10+ | Release Date: 2021-09


  • 1 Rulebook (from official site)
  • 27 character cards
  • 1 sculpted plastic crown
  • 22 plastic gold coins
  • 84 district cards
  • 8 reference cards
  • 32 reminder and marker cards

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