Payment Methods


You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit card. Most debit cards that work like credit cards work as well.


Paypal is a fast, secure way to send and receive payments online. For more information please visit Note: Paypal’s sign up process can sometimes take a few days.

Money Orders

After you have sent us a Money Order or Check we will email you a Gift Certificate for exactly the amount of your Money Order to use on the web site. If you have sent a check you may have to wait as long as 7 business days for the check to clear.

To send us a Check or Money Order, first shop on our site, then go through Checkout to determine what your product and shipping costs will be. Then mail us a Money Order or Check (made out to for that amount, to our mailing address:

Game Night Games
2148 South 900 East, Ste 2
Salt Lake City, UT  84106

Phone: 801-467-2400

Email: [email protected]

Please give us a Name, Phone Number, and valid Email address in order to make the gift certificate credit for you. You’ll need both the Name and the Gift Certificate Number to redeem the gift certificate. We will need a valid email address to inform you of your gift certificate number.

We will email you a Gift Certificate for the amount on the Money Order within 24 hours of receiving your Money Order. If you send a Check we will hold the check for as long as 7 business days before emailing you your Gift Certificate. This Gift Certificate is redeemable just like cash on the site and it is always good until you’ve spent 100% of the money on it.