About Us & Store Hours


Game Night Games is a game and hobby store located in Salt Lake City, Utah carrying a full line of board games, card games, collectible card games (CCGs), role playing games (RPGs), miniatures games, and game accessories (card sleeves, dice, paints and brushes, etc.). We do carry a GIANT selection of board games.


Striving for a welcome and safe environment

Games Night Games welcomes everyone to play in our Game Room, whether it be for an event or just to hang out and try out some of our stellar titles.   Please let us know of any way we can make a more comfortable environment to play in!


Quality Assurance

Game Night Games orders products from verified distributors, or direct from the publisher to ensure we are getting official product in its original packaging.  We follow publishers' requests for sale and service.  Any feedback about a particular product is always welcome from everyone.  Contact the publisher for any concerns inside the packaging first, as they will either help you from their end or direct you to the store for a return or exchange.


Product Availability

We primarily offer in-store pickup and recently started shipping select products to the United States.  Nearly all of our products in our store are viewable on our website.  We try to stock as much product as possible, but often quantities are allocated, meaning we may only get a portion of our request with a vendor or publisher.  Many of our products are printed overseas, and an average print run can take 6-8 months to arrive.  While we try to find when estimated reprints may arrive in North America, its always best to verify straight from the source contacting the publisher direct for the best up to date information on when a reprint will return.


Store Location

Game Night Games
2148 South 900 East, Ste 2
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106


Holiday Store Hours

Sunday  11 am - 6 pm   •   Monday - Thursday  10 am - 9 pm*   •  Friday - Saturday 10 am - 10 pm

(*Store will stay open late on select nights during week to accommodate scheduled events when necessary) 

Phone: 801-467-2400   •    Email: [email protected]