Old Time Bingo Set

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Are you feeling lucky tonight? If the answer is yes, then Bingo is the perfect way to utilize this luck! In earlier years, it was known as Beano, a game where you selected number discs from a cigar box and players would mark their cards with beans, but instead of yelling out BINGO, they yelled out BEANO if they won. This attractive set includes a silver bingo cage, wooden balls, wood ball holder and 18 reusable cards to get the ball rolling! Whether you are a serious player or an occasional one, Bingo is considered one of the most popular social events in the U.S.A.. You'll have countless hours of fun with this game! Up To 18 players at one time.

  • 8 x7 inch Metal Silver Cage
  • 75 Numbered Wooden Balls (.177 inch)
  • 5.38 x 13.75 inch Wood Ball Tray
  • 18 Reusable Bingo Cards (4.38 x 4.78 inch)
  • Plastic Markers in Assorted Colors (.023 inch in diameter)
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