Warpaints Fanatic Metallic: Death Metal

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Warpaints Metallics have been a stalwart for hobbyists of all kinds, all over the globe, and they just got better! The new Fanatic Metallics utilizes The Army Painter’s proprietary Al-crylic formulation which includes a specialized blend of aluminum flake and mica for the best combination of coverage and sheen. These metallics shimmer brighter and apply smoother with less texture. This is especially noticeable when painting traditionally difficult to cover paints like gold!

Perfect for painting sword blades, wicked weaponry, or monstrous war machines – painting true metallic metals has never been so simple.

Comprehensive range of 216 colours
Insanely pigment-dense formulation
Superior brush feel, smooth application
Flexible Colour Triads
High-quality acrylic paint
Mixing balls pre-loaded in each bottle

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