Warpaints Fanatic Wash: Wash Medium

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Warpaints Fanatic Washes are made using a premium acrylic resin set in a water-based formula. Designed to flow smoothly over the surface of your miniature, delivering shading and contrast to the recesses of your miniature, while helping to define the details of your miniature.

If the colours and names look familiar to you, they should! The Army Painter's Fanatic Washes feature the same, industry-leading formulation as the Original Quickshade Washes – just with a new look, new name, and a few tweaks for improved performance.

Comprehensive range of 216 colours
Insanely pigment-dense formulation
Superior brush feel, smooth application
Flexible Colour Triads
High-quality acrylic paint
Mixing balls pre-loaded in each bottle

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