Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG: Fantastica

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Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG: Fantastica (Atlas Games)

Welcome to Fantastica, a land created as a sanctuary for all that is magical. Here are the mythical creatures, towering castles, enchanted treasures, and feuding royal families of your dreams! But not all is well in the land of Happily Ever After: Queen Carnelia, the ruler of a land greatly harmed by magic, believes that Fantastica must be destroyed! She has made it her mission to eradicate every last bit of magic that can be found, and her magic hunters prowl the kingdom in secret, disguised as knights, nobility, merchants, adventurers, and even occasionally princesses. If the magical kitties can't stop them, they will corrupt the source of all magic! Their work has already begun, and monsters and curses plague the kingdoms of Fantastica.

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