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Klask, an Epic Magnetic Battle Game (Klash)

Slide! Dodge! Strike! Score! The award-winning magnetic gameplay of KLASK is unique, exciting and like no other game out there! This awesome action-packed battle will have everyone in the room playing again and again. Move quick but be tactical too, KLASK demands fast hands and even faster thinking!


  • 1 Wooden KLASK board
  • 2 magnetic strikers
  • 4 white small white magnets aka biscuits
  • 2 balls
  • 2 scoring coins
  • Rules


  • Ages: 8+
  • Players: 2
  • Playing Time: 10 minutes


Staff comments:

I love games that involve stressful multi-tasking.  More than just air hockey where you hit-puck-in-goal, in Klask you have manage the goal, manage the center pieces, and manage your own piece so it doesn't fall over and lose!  I find a more zen like play style fits me better than constantly hitting the ball against the back wall while the other player just watches you play wall tennis with yourself in a desparate attempt to get the ball to go somewhere OTHER than straight back at you.  As the ball rolls towards me I use those few seconds to decide if i should hit a magnet towards my opponent, nudge the ball in the corner where a magnet is for my opponent to nervously bat it away, or maybe take the shot.  Its a game I feel myself getting better each time.  -Derrek

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