Dice Tower: Crystal Twister

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The Crystal Twister will bring a truly magical, captivating dice-rolling experience to your games. Watch your dice rolling down its spiral staircase, hear the fabulous accompanying sound and enchant everyone around the gaming table.

Each turn perfectly randomizes the dice result. In addition, the HDF dice tray keeps the dice from rolling off the table. The outstanding design is not only functional but a great eye-catcher for gamers and passionate collectors. It is ideal for board games, tabletop role-playing games and other dice games.


  • Premium Dice Tower with captivating dice rolling effect
  • Unique spiral staircase perfectly randomizes your dice
  • HDF Dice Tray keeps your dice on the table
  • Assembled in only 30 minutes without glue


  • Product Size: Tower 80 x 80 x 230mm.  Tray 190 x 140 x 20mm
  • Material Acrylic Tower + HDF Dice Tray
  • Packaging Type: Window Cardboard Box
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