Absolute Power: Book Two, Essentials

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Absolute Power Book Two: Essentials provides exquisite setting and genre context for the character creation and game system presented in Book One. This volume opens with an in-depth study of superhero Game Mastering techniques that provides invaluable advice on running dynamic stories at your gaming table. The next several chapters explore the Absolute Power campaign setting, detailing how the Sentinel-Earth world has evolved and changed since the events from 2001 that were detailed in the Silver Age Sentinels RPG timeline. With expanded sections on campaign history, Empire City activities and organisations, Sentinel-Earth geopolitial realities, alternate dimensions, universal cosmology, and extra-planetary civilisations, the Absolute Power setting is waiting to embrace your adventuring ideas. Finally, dozens of diverse canonical heroes, villains, and neutrals across the full power-level spectrum are presented with detailed game stats, backgrounds, and personality profiles.

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