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From the brilliant minds of Carl Chudyk and Chris Cieslik.

In Red7 you win or you are out.  There is a rule in the middle of the table (starting with "highest number wins").   You are dealt 7 cards from a deck of 49 cards.   On your turn you must either play a number that makes you winning, and if you can't play a card to make you win, you can change the rule to something that makes you win (most cards below 4, most even numbers, most cards in a row), or you can do both play a number AND change the rule.

But be careful as you only have 7 cards to keep winning with.  Who will be the last player standing?

The cards are labeled with unique iconography that allow the game to be color-blind friendly.
Red7 is easy to teach, quick to learn, and fun for all skill levels of card game players.

  • Ages 10+ | 2-4 Players | 5-10 Minutes per round | Release Date: 2014


Sleeve your Cards: 1x Standard Card Game Sleeves

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