Warhammer 40K Munitorium Armoured Containers

Item Number: GW 64-98
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  • Add scatter terrain to your battlefield
  • Populate a starport or armorium district with imposing cargo containers
  • Also includes promethium barrels and supply crates

The perfect purchase for anyone looking to put some variety on to their Warhammer 40,000 gaming table, the Munitorum Armoured Containers set is a versatile, easy to assemble collection of scenery pieces. They can be freely stacked and arranged in any way you please – use them as cover, break lines of sight, and to add chokepoints and strategic interest to your games of Warhammer 40,000!

This multipart plastic terrain set includes the components to build:

  • 3x Munitorum Armoured Containers
  • 9x Promethium barrels
  • 12x Supply crates

Required for assembly (sold separately):

  • Citadel Cutters or wire cutters
  • Plastic Glue

Games Workshop's Contrast Paint recommendation (sold separately):

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