Pandemic: Hot Zone Europe (Pre-order)

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Estimated Release: July 30, 2021

Work as a team and eradicate all three viral threats to Europe in this streamlined version of the best-selling Pandemic.

New Additions

From designer Matt Leacock, Pandemic: Hot Zone – Europe tasks you and your team with finding the cures to three diseases threatening the continent of Europe. Four new characters arrive to make up your elite disease-control unit, complete with their own special actions and uses. A new mutation module adds an extra layer of challenge to curing the diseases, creating unique obstacles that will need to be overcome as a team

Combine and Play Together

Based on the bestselling Pandemic, the Pandemic: Hot Zone series continues to emphasize that teamwork and cooperation are paramount to success, but in a smaller form with a quicker playtime that you can take anywhere. Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe takes it even further with its cross compatibility with other Hot Zone titles to create an even larger, more challenging game.




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