UNDO 3-Pack Bundle

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UNDO 3-Pack Bundle (Pegasus Spiele)

In UNDO players are sent by the Gods as "fate weavers" who are tasked to use their limited time-travelling abilities in order to understand the tragic fate of a recently deceased person - and undo their death by changing their past. In this innovative, cooperative game line players must decide together which moment in the deceased person´s past they want to visit. Deduction, empathy, and intuition are required since in each of these moments they´ll have to make one impactful decision - the sum of their decisions will determine, whether their endeavor was successfull, or if an avoidable death becomes final after all.

UNDO combines a time travel theme and cooperative, communication-focused gameplay with stirring, original stories, which need to be pieced together one time jump at a time. Each decision should be carefull considered because if their assignment Fails, death can no more be undone.

This 3-Pack Bundle contains three different Undo games!

  • Blood from the Gutter
  • Curse from the Past
  • Cherry Blossom Festival
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