Star Wars Armada: Venator-class SD

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In the vicious battles of the Clone Wars, Jedi Generals such as the wise Plo Koon command their forces from the bridge of mighty Venator-class Star Destroyers, earning these vessels the moniker of “Jedi Cruisers.” Kuat Drive Yards designed the ship to be flexible; capable of fighting toe-to-toe with other warships, launching wings of starfighters, and breaking blockade sieges with devastating bombardments. As a command craft and warship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer has no equal in the Republic Navy. This Expansion Pack contains everything you need to field this commanding ship in your Republic fleets, beginning with a beautifully detailed, prepainted Venator-class Star Destroyer miniature. A beacon of the Republic, the Venator-class Star Destroyer often leads fleets into battle and this expansion gives you two different options for adding it to your fleet on two ship cards.


  • 1 Painted Plastic Ship with Base and Fin
  • 2 Ship Cards
  • 16 Upgrade Cards
  • 16 Assorted Tokens

Release Date: May 2021

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