7 Wonders Edifice

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The simplest expansion to set up and explain

7 Wonders Edifice is the newest expansion for 7 Wonders, but it’s also the simplest to set up and explain. In 7 Wonders Edifice, players will set their differences aside and work together to build majestic Edificies. These projects are far too large and imposing to be completed by a single city.

Players will have the choice: participate in the project to gain benefits or go it alone and suffer the consequences.

7 Wonders Edifice introduces new interactions between players, without prolonging the length of the game.   

What the expansion adds

During setup, 3 Edifice cards (1 per Age) are placed in the center of the table. These are the three Edifices that may be completed during the game. 

Help construct an Edifice to receive a token that makes you eligible for rewards if it is eventually completed. Be careful though, there is always one token fewer than players! Not everyone can help with the construction. 

At the end of the Age, if enough players have participated, the Edifice is constructed. Players with tokens gain rewards. Those who chose to go it alone will suffer a penalty. 

For each Edifice, players must weigh the pros and cons. Participate and risk the Edifice not being completed, or ignore the construction and accept the consequences. 

2 new Wonders

Introducing two new wonders in 7 Wonders Edifice, Ur and Carthago, adding even more variety and strategy to the award-winning board game. 

The effects of the Ur Wonder are specific to the 7 Wonders Edifice expansion. Carthago can also be played with the base game, independently of the expansion.

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