Rhino Hero Super Battle

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Rhino Hero is back on the job! And this time, not only does the wobbly skyscraper need to be climbed, but there will be fierce battles between four superheroes: Rhino Hero himself and three new additions: Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin. Who will win the battles and successfully fend off the mean spider monkeys? A turbulent 3D stacking game and the long awaited stand-alone sequel to our Fan Favorite "Rhino Hero".

  • Build a spectacular 3D cardboard skyscraper. Two different height walls create wobbly excitement. Players can even start from multiple foundations and join the towers together with bridges.
  • Rhino Hero is joined by three other action heroes and hanging spider monkeys. Includes 2 dice for hero battles when they land on the same floor.
  • Sure to be a favorite for all ages, this game plays differently every time. Includes more challenging variations for advanced gamers.
  • Not just for kids
  • Ages: 5+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: approx. 10-20 minutes
  • Designer: Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf
  • Artist: Thies Schwarz


  • Dexterity






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