Land Ahoy! Floor Puzzle 24 PCS

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Land Ahoy! Children's Jigsaw Floor Puzzle, 24 PCS (Ravensburger).

Introduce your pre-schooler to the joys of puzzling with a super-sized, 24 piece Floor Puzzle from Ravensburger! With a wide range of characters and age-appropriate image to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. Assemble 24 pieces to dive into a pirate adventure!

Ravensburger's 24 piece Floor Puzzle's oversized, durable pieces, are designed for small hands and display a portion of the image clearly on each piece to guaranty your three-year-old will be puzzling on their own in no time!

Puzzling is the perfect way to spend time together, building relationships and making memories that last a lifetime. Puzzling also develops fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, and concentration skills. Building confidence one piece at a time! Plus, it’s a great way to provide unplugged play into your child’s day.

Ages: 3+

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