Mini Polyhedral Dice Set: Ethereal Light Blue and White

Item Number: MET 4212
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This 7 set of 10mm Ethereal dice are a mix of acrylic and glitter.


  • 1 4-Sided Die (D4)
  • 1 6-Sided Die with numbers (D6)
  • 1 8-Sided Die (D8)
  • 1 10-Sided Die (D10)
  • 1 10-Sided Die with tens numbers (D%)
  • 1 12-Sided Die (D12)
  • 1 20-Sided Die (D20)

For use with games like Dungeons & Dragons or for decorations.

Perfect for gaming anywhere, anytime! At 10mm, these mini dice sets easily fit in your pocket so you can bring your dice everywhere you go. 

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