(October 2024) Arcs! The Blighted Reach Campaign Expansion

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Requires the base game of Arcs! to play

The Blighted Reach adds an innovative campaign to Arcs. Over a three-game trilogy, players will guide their factions through an epic science-fiction saga where every choice matters. A Galaxy of Possibilities. Explore 24 Fates, each with a unique set of cards and pieces. Will you lead the guilds to take control as the Advocate or try to build a new commonwealth as the Founder? Emergent Asymmetry. Develop your own identity over the course of the trilogy. A failed Imperial Steward might be tempted to become the fearsome Planet Breaker. Every combination promises new narrative and strategic options! Thoughtful Storage. This box includes room to store the Arcs base game, including sleeved cards. The game also includes removable trays to easily store your campaigns progress between sessions.


  • 300+ Cards, 15 Imperial Ships, 4 Flagships and Boards, 2 Custom Event Dice, 160+ Tokens, 2 Aid Sheets, 1 Game Record Pad
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