Redneck Life Livin' the Dream Expansion

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Livin' the Dream is an expansion for Redneck Life Board Game by Gut Bustin' Games. This is not a stand-alone game. In this fun-filled Expansion for Redneck Life Board Game, we have included a Score Sheet Pad, 20 New Rigs, 10 New Homes, 50 fun-filled Go Redneckin' Cards, Rig Sleeve, All New Charts, and a new Name Placard for the center of your existing game board! Be the player with the most teeth remaining to win this Gut Bustin' Game Expansion for Redneck Life Board Game! Play Redneck Life Board Game with the Livin' the Dream Expansion for a Gut Bustin' Great Time!

  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 13+


  • Score Sheet Pad
  • 3 Charts
  • 20 Rigs
  • Rig Sleeve
  • 10 Homes
  • Name Placard
  • 50 Go Redneckin’ Cards
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