Deep Dish Counter Trays 5 pack

Item Number: DV1 CT-NEW
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DVG Deep Dish Counter Trays now come pre-bagged in sets of 5! Weve been playing games since the 80`s, and it has always been annoying that the counter trays were so shallow, so we fixed that problem. We ordered a new mold and started making our custom `Deep Dish` counter trays. A normal counter tray is about 3/8` deep. Our Deep Dish counter trays are 7/8` deep. This means you can get more counters into every pocket -AND- most importantly, you can put dice in the pockets without bulging the lid outward. Overall, the trays are 8.5` wide by 11` long. So they comfortably fit into our standard size game boxes. Each Deep Dish counter tray comes with a clear plastic top.

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