ULP MTG Core 2021 Pro 100+ Deck Box v4 (Chandra)

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Ultra Pro Magic: the Gathering Core 2021 Pro 100+ Deck Box v4 (Chandra)

Play at your next gaming session with confidence & style using these official Magic: The Gathering Deck Protector sleeves. Made with archival-safe, polypropylene, non-PVC film, Ultra PRO's Deck Protector sleeves keep your valuable gaming and trading cards safe by providing a protective film layer around your card, keeping it from surface scratches and other wear & tear typically caused by game play.

These sleeves are sized to fit standard cards with dimensions measuring 2.5" x 3.5".

Made with Ultra PRO's proprietary Chroma Fusion technology, these sleeves offer improved seal strength, highly detailed artwork while minimizing delamination. Each pack contains 100 individual sleeves.

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