Metal MTG Counters (3) First Strike Double Strike

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High-end collectors will find our Crescendo Series tokens a natural way to track bonus keyword abilities added to their cards. We designed these Ability counters to be sleek and luxurious-- available in a shiny gold-plated finish.

These would make amazing tournament prizes or gifts for players of games like Magic the Gathering.

Set Combinations:

  • Set of 3: Flying (front) / Hexproof (back)
  • Set of 3: First Strike (front) / Double Strike (back)
  • Set of 3: Deathtouch (front) / Lifelink (back)
  • Set of 3: Trample (front) / Reach (back)
  • Set of 12: Gift bundle of all four sets above

Designer Features:

  • Reversible convenience. This is double-sided with the front of each having one keyword ability and the back having another. This reduces the amount of tokens you have to carry around with you.
  • Naturally Interconnecting. Crescendo series tokens fit loosely into one another in a satisfying way. The touchpoints are minimal to preserve the shiny metal finish on every token.
  • Envy of the table. These are eye-catching tokens plated with real 18K gold that will impress players whether you're in a standard tournament or or playing your favorite commander.
  • Luxurious feel. Put these into another player's hands and watch their eyes widen. These have a solid metal weight and a jewelry-quality paint that will demonstrate that you're playing in a league of your own. Our newer gel series paints are cured with shiny recessed dips that provide additional texture and visual dynamics.
  • Compatible with games like Magic: the Gathering. These unofficial tokens with our own designer artwork. While they are unofficial, they are perfectly compatible with games like Magic. These are not endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, FFG, or any other entity.


  • Dimensions: ~1 inch by 0.43 inches (27mm x 11mm)
  • Shiny 18K gold finish
  • Solid metal with a durable zinc alloy
  • Black coloring with a jewelry gel paint
  • Reversible tokens with different keyword on each side


Though fully compatible with Magic the Gathering, and similar games, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro or any other entity. Tokens are often pictured alongside promos and cards for context. Those cards are not included and do not signify any tie to those companies.

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