MTG Kaldheim Commander Deck Phantom Premenition

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Contains the Following

Creature (31)
1 Angel of Serenity1 Hero of Bretagard1 Stoic Farmer1 Sage of the Beyond1 Surtland Elementalist1 Ethereal Valkyrie1 Angel of Finality1 Geist-Honored Monk1 Restoration Angel1 Sun Titan1 Arcane Artisan1 Inspired Sphinx1 Brago, King Eternal1 Cloudgoat Ranger1 Evangel of Heliod1 Flickerwisp1 Goldnight Commander1 Kor Cartographer1 Wall of Omens1 Mist Raven1 Mulldrifter1 Sea Gate Oracle1 Whirler Rogue1 Cloudblazer1 Empyrean Eagle1 Mistmeadow Witch1 Soulherder1 Thunderclap Wyvern1 Burnished Hart1 Meteor Golem1 Vega, the Watcher

Sorcery (8)
1 Spectral Deluge1 Tales of the Ancestors1 Cleansing Nova1 Storm Herd1 Curse of the Swine1 Windfall1 Migratory Route1 Ravenform

Instant (10)
1 Cosmic Intervention1 Eerie Interlude1 Synthetic Destiny1 Momentary Blink1 Return to Dust1 Ghostly Flicker1 Iron Verdict1 Warhorn Blast1 Behold the Multiverse1 Saw It Coming

Artifact (9)
1 Arcane Signet1 Azorius Signet1 Commander's Sphere1 Marble Diamond1 Mind Stone1 Sky Diamond1 Sol Ring1 Swiftfoot Boots1 Replicating Ring

Enchantment (5)
1 Marshal's Anthem1 Day of the Dragons1 Banishing Light1 Ghostly Prison1 Niko Defies Destiny

Land (36)
1 Azorius Chancery1 Azorius Guildgate1 Command Tower1 Cryptic Caves1 Meandering River1 Myriad Landscape1 Opal Palace1 Sejiri Refuge1 Tranquil Cove13 Plains12 Island1 Gates of Istfell1 Glacial Floodplain

99 Cards


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