Saboteur 20th Anniversary Edition

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Testing alliances for 20 Years!

20 years the dwarves have been searching the tunnels and caves for precious gold while saboteurs have tried to prevent them from achieving their goal. Place path cards into the tunnel network and explore the mines, hoping to find great golden treasure. Block those you think are working against you, but keep your own intentions secret unless you want to become the target of some sabotage. Stay vigilant and consider whom you want to trust—because in the end, only the gold counts! Besides the Saboteur base game and the Saboteur 2 expansion, this anniversary edition also contains the special action cards from the Saboteur World Championships 2016-2023 and the mini expansions Tunnel Toll, Wardrobe Cavern, and Tunnel Party, as well as two brand-new mini expansions: New Goals and Treasure Chests

Ages 8+
2-10 players
20 minutes play time

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