Stephen Wilkes Regata Storica Venice Puzzle (1036 PCS)

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Photographer Stephen Wilkes is one of America's most iconic photographers, widely recognized for his fine art, editorial and commercial work. Day to Night, Wilkes's most defining project, began in 2009. These epic cityscapes and landscapes portrayed from a fixed camera angle for up to 30 hours capture fleeting moments of humanity as light passes in front of his lens over the course of a full day. A select group of these images are then seamlessly blended into one photograph, capturing the changing of time within a single frame.

“I like to describe myself as a collector of magical moments,” he has explained.  “My work is a combination of art & science.  I’m exploring the space time continuum within a 2 dimensional still photograph.  Time is something we’ve never been able to put our minds around, yet in a unique way these images begin to put a face on time.”

Stephen Wilkes has teamed up with 4D Brands International to launch a full puzzle collection of the Day to Night Series. With over forty epic images to come, you can expect to experience all the famous and historic places that Stephen has captured throughout his decade long project.

I have always been captivated by history, and Venice is one of my favorite cities because it truly remains timeless. This photograph was created during the Historical Regatta - an event that has taken place in Venice every year since the 1498. The boats and costumes seen in this photograph are exactly the same as they were back then.

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