Below is our event calendar. Occasionally, special events take precedence over the events listed below. For information about private parties and paid table reservations, click here. Scroll down to read about specific events in greater detail.

Note: Last year (2012) we relocated to a larger, all around spiffier location at 2148 S. 900 E. just 1 block South of the old location.

Monthly Board Game Tournaments

Each month features a different board game tournament. Our monthly tournaments have an entry fee of $5 and there are prizes for the winners.

Check out our Monthly Calendar to see what the tournament is this month or click here to view our board game tournament line up for the current year. 

Monday Night L5R

Game Night Games is a "Stronghold Store" for the game "Legend of the Five Rings" (or "L5R" for short). Every Monday Night from 6pm to 10pm we play "L5R" here at the store. If you are new to the game or would like to learn, we'll teach you how to play. Click on the icon below for more information:

L5R Night (6pm- 9pm)
Every Monday Night

We also hold an L5R Tournament on the first Monday of every month.

Monday Night Game of Thrones League

Come join us for an evening devoted to the Game of Thrones LCG. If you've never played an LCG before, it stands for "Living Card Game".

There is a core set that you can purchase and then new expansions are released periodically. Beginners are welcome and admission is free. For more info, including standings, click here.

Tuesday Night Casual CCG Meetup


We host Tuesday Night casual CCG ("Collectible Card Game") play here at the store. Examples of CCG's include "Magic: The Gathering" and "Legend of the Five Rings".

Specifically, on the first Tuesday of each month we host a sealed deck Magic tournament. Also, on the third Tuesday of each month, we host a casual Magic night featuring the "Commander" format (also known as "EDH").

Board Game Designers Guild Tuesday Meetings

Board Game Designers Guild (7pm - 10pm)
2nd Tuesday & 4th Tuesday of each month

The Board Game Designers Guild of Utah is a group of local game designers, artists, playtesters, and general board game enthusiasts who get together to playtest game prototypes and provide feedback. Admission is free and beginners are welcome.

Wednesday Night RPG Meetup


We host Wednesday Night D&D Encounters as well as other RPG campaigns here at the store. For more info, check out our RPG Meetup Page.

Wednesday Night Board Gaming

5pm - 10pm every Wednesday Night

Our Wednesday night board game night is a chance for people to get together at the store during the week to play board games of various kinds. You can either bring your own games or you can try out games from our demo game library. These board game nights are free admission and are on a first-come first-served basis with respect to table space.

Dominion League

Dominion Night
Dominion League (7pm - 9pm)
1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

In addition to Board Game Nights, we also host a Dominion Night on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings of each month. These evenings provide a chance for people to get together and play this popular game as well as learn how to play both the base game and its expansions. Admission is free and beginners are welcome.

Friday Night Magic


We host Friday Night Magic here at the store as well as Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release events. For more info, check out our MTG Page.

Saturday Morning Meet-Ups

Table Top Gaming Meet-Up
(10am - 6pm)

Every Saturday
Come play Warhammer at our tables. Admission is free and beginners are welcome.

Salt Lake Wargamers (10am - 6pm)
1st Saturday of each month
Join us for a day of historical gaming.

Kids Club (10am - 12noon)
2nd Saturday of each month
Bring out the Kids (ages 5+) to learn some new games the whole family can enjoy.

HeroClix League (12pm - 6pm)
2nd and 4th Saturday of each month
Come play or learn how to play Heroclix featuring the Marvel, DC, Street Fighter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek universes. Admission is free and beginners are welcome.

Saturday Night Board Game Night

6pm to 11pm most Saturday Nights

Our Saturday Night Board Gaming event is a great chance to come play some of your favorite board games or to learn some new ones. This event is free admission and we will have one of our staff members on hand to help teach new players how to play. You can bring your gaming friends or come meet some new people here at the store. Whatever you choose, we're the place for board game lovers!

We occasionally host our monthly board game tournaments on Saturday nights. Please check our calendar for the latest information.

Other Saturday Night Events
In addition to our regular board game nights, we also host private events (such as business parties or birthday parties) on Saturdays in the adjoining gaming space.

These private events are invitation only with respect to the gaming tables (though we're still open for regular business). For more information on reserving the tables for a private event, click here.

We also host occasional special board game events in the adjoining space. Check our calendar for more specifics.

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Store Hours are often extended due to in-store events.

Game Night Games
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Game Night Games is a board game, card game, role playing game, puzzle, and toy store located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We carry a wide variety of games, particularly European style board games. Popular titles include The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, and Carcassonne among others. We also sell a full line of Role Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder as well as D&D miniatures. We also sell collectible card games such as Legend of the Five Rings and Magic: The Gathering. In addition to selling games at our store and having many of our games available for purchase online here through our website, we also feature a variety of in-store gaming events including weekly game nights, monthly meet-ups, tournaments, demos, role playing campaigns, and special events.

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Friday Night Magic
Booster Drafts Every Friday starting at 7 PM

Standard (Pre-Constructed) Tournament every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.


Ticket to Ride Europe Tournament 1/24/15 (6 pm)

Dominion 101 Tournament 2/7/15 (6 pm)

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