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MTG Modern Horizons Prerelease Draft (1 pm Sat. 6/8/19)

MTG Modern Horizons Prerelease Draft (1 pm Sat. 6/8/19)

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We invite you to get preview of the Magic: the Gathering Modern Horizons set at the Prerelease Event June 8, 2019.

EVENT #2 (Saturday 6/8 at 1 pm): This draft portion of the event will start at 1 pm (or as soon thereafter as possible) with matchplay to follow. Check-in starts at Noon on the day of the event. We recommend arriving at least a half hour before the start time. Pre-register as early as possible to ensure your spot in this tournament as space is limited.

FORMAT & PRIZES: Players will receive 3 Modern Horizons booster packs which will be used in MTG's standard draft format. Construct your 40-card minimum deck from cards drafted at the event and play against others for prizes in a 3-round tournament. Prizes for all events will be awarded in Modern Horizons booster packs but additional prizes may also be included such as playmats, deck boxes and sleeves. The event will run 3 rounds. One Modern Horizons booster pack will be awarded to players for each match win. Winners of each event will also receive a special GNG Prerelease Champion’s GNG playmat. 

Please note the name of the player(s) who will be playing in the event in the Notes the section of the Shopping Cart if different than the person making the purchase.