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MTG Dominaria Prerelease Event C (Sat. 4/21/18 at 6pm)

MTG Dominaria Prerelease Event C (Sat. 4/21/18 at 6pm)

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Over 25 years, Magic has captured our imagination with the wild and wondrous worlds invented by their team of talented creators. We have reached out and explored every far-flung corner of the multiverse, from the gothic cathedrals of Innistrad to the dragonfire-scarred plains of Tarkir. We have seen the faces of Horrors from the Blind Eternities, witnessed the cruelty of Phyrexian Praetors, and chosen our side in tribal warfare on a plane of dinosaurs. Now, after a decade and a million, million miles, it’s time to come home.

Play in the Dominaria Prerelease Event at Game Night Games and take a sneak peak at this highly anticipated Magic: the Gathering set. This expansion marks the first full return to Magic’s home plane since Future Sight, over a decade ago! There are 269 cards in the set.This sealed tournament will start at 6 pm on Saturday, April 21, 2018. Check-in starts one hour before the event at 5 pm. We recommend arriving at least a half hour before the start time. Pre-register as early as possible to ensure your spot in this tournament as we often sell out of MTG prerelease events since space is limited. Deck construction will begin at 6 pm (or as soon as possible after) with tournament matchplay to follow.

So get a jump on the new set by playing in any of our 5 Dominaria Prerelease events! Since this is a “limited” sealed format, no outside cards are allowed, which makes this a very beginner-friendly experience.

• CHECK-IN opens one hour before the event starts.

• Players will receive an Domineria Prerelease Pack containing:
  - 6 Dominaria booster packs
  - 1 randomized, date-stamped, premium promo card, drawn from any rare or mythic in the set
  - 1 Spindown life counter

Construct your 40-card minimum deck from a pre-release kit and play against others for prizes in a 4-round tournament. Prizes for all events will be awarded in Dominaria booster packs but may also include additional merchandise including playmats, deck boxes and sleeves awarded. The event will run 4 rounds. Booster pack prizes will be awarded to players who win at least 2 of their 4 matches. Winners of each event will also receive a special GNG playmat unique to this event. 

Or, prove that you’re made of stronger stuff than even Karn by playing in all 5 events to win a unique playmat commemorating your titanic test of stamina. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of this historic event, and write your legend at GNG!

SPECIAL NOTE: Prerelease packs will not be held for absent players although a refund will be made if that player's spot was subsequently filled by a player present at the event. All players should plan on finishing at least 1 round. If you have additional questions please call the store at 801-467-2400. See you at the Prerelease!

IMPORTANT FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION: When checking out in the shopping cart please list the player(s) name (s) who are being pre-registered for the event in the Comments field (last screen of online checkout) if different than the person making purchase. The player(s) you list will be added to the registration list. No further action is necessary and nothing will be shipped to you. Players should simply show up for check-in on the day of the event.